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#Doing the Most

With everything going on with The CaronaNona/COVID_19, some people have had slower days. Those who can't work or have been deemed non-essential have been able to be relaxed in the mornings; roll over and login or sleep in and rise with your natural body clock. Ahh, the whole life balance thing is happening for you whether you like it or not. But..... what about the rest of us? We are not in balance at all. Grateful but not in balance.

Those who have not been interrupted are dealing with more so emotions and attitudes than are actual jobs; although even those have changed. The days are filled with multiple COVID_19 updates throughout the day, questions about policy changes due to COVID_19, questions as if COVID_19 is not happening, calls and emails from friends about COVID_19, 3 Lync/Skype/Teams meetings about how we are handling COVID_19, 3 Lync/Skype/Teams about regular work duties in relation to changes due to COVID_19, calls emails and text messages from family members about their days during COVID_19 lock down. You may be saying to yourself, "everyday is not like that"; um... YES IT IS. Again, not complaining. Grateful to be working. But it is draining in a way that can't be explained. In the midst of all of that, we are also doing as best we can our regular day to day jobs.

Then we log off, or drive home (essential personnel), and there is your real life. Your real life is also filled with COVID_19 changes, new rules and new ways to operate while you are still doing your normal day to day functions for home and personal life.

I know a lot of this hits men as well as women. However, since the WORLD has not adjusted the roles of women in the home to include those in the workplace duties, WOMEN are doing The MOST. Yes, we are. Everyone is still looking to us, leaning towards us, waiting on us to make it all OK. To alleviate the worry and stress, at work to come up with solutions to the changes. We ARE doing The MOST.

This post isn't filled with helpful hints, you can find those all over the internet. This post is to validate how you feel. This post says YES you are overwhelmed and some around you are not. YES you are feeling mentally drained at the end of the day, more so than those around you. YES YOU Are DOING THE MOST! ~~ That is all.

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