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Don't Waste Your Moment

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

I had another blog that posted today. However, I'm just too full of sadness, worry, wonder, fear, grief and mourning. So, what came to me was this Don't Waste This Moment!

If the COVID virus and it's daily limitations did not speak to you about your future, then the acts that have taken place in the last 3 days should have. This is NOT a race post. This is NOT a political post. This IS a post about the dreams and aspirations of those who have lost their lives senselessly in the last 3 days. What are you doing with your today, so your tomorrow won't be in vein.

What are you afraid of that keeps you from moving forward, stepping out and taking a risk with your career? Is it school? Is it a certification? Is it changing jobs? Is it starting something on-line? Is it a life filled with more creativity?

Take a day, Take a moment, but not longer than that. Don't Waste This Moment with nothing. It's a gift to you. Make your life a gift to the world.

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