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Either More Baskets Or More Eggs, Something Has to Change

These are eggs. They are in a basket. They are all your eggs in one basket.

One thing we have all learned during the last 3 months is that putting all your eggs in one basket is NOT Pandemic/Recession/Life Pause proof. No, I'm not telling you to start a business if that's not your thing. I'm not telling you, if you have started a business to run out and start one; although, it's not a bad idea. What I am telling you, is to look at your current goal and career plan and add another path.

Looking at everything the world has gone through, you can clearly see what the future holds for some professions. That said, your career journey will need to have more than one goal which equals your success. Let me give you an example: Prior to CaronaNona your goal was to be an Account Executive. You can keep that goal and the journey map you have created to get there. Post CaronaNona, Account Executives aren't needed in large numbers. So maybe an additional goal can be Corporate Liaison for a region or division, which means you should add learning the specific product or services sold in a region or division. You don't have to totally cancel your Account Executive goal, but add an additional career goal to your plan.

As much as the world want to think "this will end", that isn't the realistic thinking. What is going to happen is the world will begin to re-open to a new way of living. A new way of doing business and functioning in the new way of doing business will be needed. Your goal is to be ready to shift into this new reality and continue, as you did before, to succeed. I believe you can. YOU have to believe you can.

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