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Frozen by $22.50!

Confession Time! Choosing a planner each year is one of the most important choices I make. Choosing the wrong one, which I did, will cause havoc, confusion and hours of discombobulation to your life. Thank Goodness for my Life Coach Joy Rising Movement.

I have a brand of planner that I LOVE. I write big, the spacing the design everything about it fits what I need to flow. However, it starts in July. Yup, JULY. It was originally designed for busy mom's. Which, I was when I 1st started using it. I am still just as busy, at times even more so, and I have their adult schedules as well as my husband's schedule to keep up with. Since the children have flown the coop, I have expanded my blog, started a travel business and I teach at a local community college; to say my plate is full at times is an understatement. Choosing the wrong planner can be a massive life collision.

I decided to try and get on the July schedule so I won't waste a lot of pages. I ordered a cheaper planner just to get thru the next 7 months, 8 if you count the transition month of December. December has not even ended but I'm already flustered. Every Sunday afternoon when I sit and rewrite the week into the new planner, I like to see the previous month when I transition into the new year into the new planner. Talking to my Life Coach late Sunday night, she explained that my issue with not wanting to waste pages and money was small compared to the gain by being organized in a way that allowed me to feel secure and confident. Like every good client does, I defended and pushed back and talked louder. Well, my life coach is even Louder.

Finally, I knew she was right. I went to the website clicked on the link and bought a new Agenda. Another sign, it was half off with free shipping. Boom! $22.50+tax. Wow!

I was frustrated with the in between planner. I had growing anxiety about how I was going to deal with this new planner for the next 7 months. Literally I was sacrificing being organized, aligning my days for success and feeling secure in knowing daily I was crossing every T and dotting every I over $22.50+tax. REALLY Lady!

I hope my moment will help you. Not just a story, but an example of what your decisions to not pay the money for a cleaning service a couple times a month, laundry service to have clean clothes, ordering groceries, investing in an association, signing up for a training course, reaching out beyond your normal circle to create a growing network for life changes and career changes and ultimately Success.

Don't allow the thought of $22.50+tax to keep YOU from positioning yourself for Success.

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