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Gobble Gobble.... Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving! Yeah, I know your first reaction is "Thankful for what?"

Maybe you lost your job. You know the one you kept complaining about back in January.

You may have had your career plans derailed. You know the plans you had but didn't really act on because well, you just didn't yet.

You may have had to do without so many things you had planned to buy, places you planned to go and people you wanted to spend time with at happy hour and dinner. You know the stuff that costs money which you have been able to save or use to help out a family member or friend over the last few months.

You've been stuck at home. No hour long commute to and from work, too tired and stressed to: focus on your health, read, work on a new skill, spend time with your Forever Roommate, talk to friends and family.

I'm not going to force anyone to be Thankful. Or to see the rainbow in the middle of the COVID storm. I am asking that you give 10 minutes, yes just 10 minutes, to think about these past 8 to 9 months. In these past months, at the very least, you've learned to appreciate all the little things you took for granted because we've never not had to go without them.

Drop a comment and let me know what you found in those 10 minutes that were a good part of COVID 2020 for you.

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