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How Big is Your Name?

Disclaimer: I'm a cradle to grave Steelers fan. So, when it comes to anyone who plays for another team or anything about another team I KNOW NOTHING. It's as if they don't exist to me.

That said, I was listening to a television channel the other day and overheard an interview with Chad Ochocinco Johnson. If you're unaware, as I was, this player saved 80% of his $48 Million football contract. Yes, let that sink in. During the interview, he detailed how he did it. From living at his grandmother's house during his first couple of years and at the football stadium, etc. It's very interesting to hear and impressive how he thought it all through. The statement that stuck out to me was this "Make your name bigger than the money; there is the value."

This stayed on my mind for days. This translates into some many career paths; high and low. When you become the value, the currency you move up in has nothing to do with your "last salary". It has to do with being known in your industry. Known in your field of expertise. If you work for a company that has locations all across the US and/or abroad, everyone should know who you are by the value you carry. Your skillset, your demeanor, your personality, your ability to get things done, your ability to grow a team, your ability to see the strengths of other staff members and leverage those strengths for the project. Maybe you're known for speaking up on the monthly coast to coast calls. You may be the one, who sees when things are not in the best interest of the staff and bring it to the attention of higher management. You may be the person everyone knows, knows someone who can help; you are known for connecting people.

The list can go on and on of what is considered value/currency in the work world. The point is to make yourself so known that you become bigger than the position you're in. Make yourself so big that where you actually work is an after-thought when people speak of you. Make yourself so big, that you are invited to meetings, events, and other meaningful moments because you are that big, they always include you.

It's only Tuesday, and never too late to start working on being bigger.

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