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I Hope You Didn't Miss This Moment

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Just a few months ago, you know back when before COVID19, everyone talked about how they never had time. The days were always rushed and when they looked up it was close to midnight and most of what they wanted to do had not been done. ENTER: COVID19.

Now, by no planning or scheduling of your own, the world has stopped. Some have kept working their regular hours, but from home. Some on-line businesses are actually thriving right now, they have the eye of the world on searching for products 24/7. But even with all of this, everyone's lives have still taken a pause; there is no commute, no standing in line for anything. YOU, along with everyone else, have more time back in your day. Even the routine of getting "dressed" for the day, takes less time if any time at all.

Well, it's almost over; the world imposed pause. Your whining and complaining about being confined to your homes is slowly ending. Fast forward to the lock-down being totally over, do you miss it? Do you miss being able to spend time at home, not having the rush and stress of the everyday beating on your time and energy. Being able to take a breath during the workday without all the interruptions of the office. The hectic back and forth to the work, to the market, to the gym, to everywhere and anywhere. Well, do you?

I hope with all the stress the COVID 19 Pause has forced on you, the moment didn't totally pass without a bit of gratefulness for having some time back in your day. Maybe you'll remember the good of it all and keep some of it even when it's all over.

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