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I'll Start On ........ STOP! Start Today

I don't subscribe to starting new habits in January. Or starting a new healthy lifestyle on a Monday. Or waiting until the 1st of the month to commit to something. I believe in starting the moment you realize its time for a change.

When the lightbulb turns on, it is time for action. It's in the moment of waiting to start when the distractions, negative self-talk and forgetfulness slips in. This is why it's important to act on your newfound revelation about the change you need in your life.

Career Success is truly a Lifestyle. It's not just getting a better job, or starting a business, saving money or ditching unhealthy habits; it's about everything. There is no separating your professional from your personal when it comes to living a successful lifestyle. You've got to move forward in areas that show themselves needing to shift in a different direction.

For some it's easier to start with self work, and for others it's easier to start with external changes. Regardless of which works for you, don't wait until to begin. Start today, right now. Tuesday is as good a starting point as any.

Check out this 6 part framework. It is specific to your career but leaves space to integrate your personal life shift as well.

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