I'm NOT Talking About It

As the world continues to dissects the slap heard around the world, I am wondering if you should speak up about training dollars or cross-training opportunities within the company.

Gas prices are sky high, groceries cost more today than they did 6 months ago, and your career goals are still at the forefront of your vision board. How do you move forward? Some companies are beginning to support and allow travel but many are not. So you have to get creative to get what you need to fuel your move forward and upward. Training is good. You earn a specific skillset, in some cases test and walk away with a certification. However, getting direct experience using these new skills isn't always easy. You're back to where you started, looking for another opportunity. Better idea is to pitch cross-training to your manager or your HR or education staff. Cross-training can be viewed as a win for the company. You have someone learning a new skill while also gaining another person, already on staff, who can work in more than1 capacity.

Cross-training gains you hands-on experience, an OJT without sacrificing your current position or pay. Yes, you can add it to your resume and your LinkedIn profile. Along, with the new skill you also grow your network. Working side by side with people, as they teach you, and you teach them; sharing knowledge makes for long-lasting career relationships. To thrive in this new career environment is going to take doing things differently than you normally would, which means surviving and thriving at the same time. YOU are someone worth talking about.