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I'm Over It..... Now What?

Nope, I'm not talking about COVID-19 life. I'm talking about all the panicky folks who are so worried about the economy, they are missing opportunities.

You may have lost your job. You might be on the list to be let go. It's even possible, that you will keep working but will have a shift in responsibilities; heavier than before. This is what it is. This time the economic shift is due to a pandemic. In the past economic instability was due to shady wall street finances, an oil crisis, various wars, a pandemic and natural disasters, so don't like this is all new. It's not new.

The only new part of this is possibly you, depending on your age. However, how to get through it has not changed. To get through it you keep going forward. Assess the company landscape, either of the one you're working for or the others you want to work for. Think about a need that has arisen in this moment and figure out a way to fill it.

Unlike the economic crazy of the past, YOU have the internet with a limitless boundary. There is no limit to what you can do, who you can reach and what you can sell. You've seen and read the stories of the people who have made hundreds and in some cases millions on line over the course of the pandemic. I personally can name 4 people who have been promoted over the last 10 months. Opportunities are out there, where are you?

Are you focusing on all the negative - pandemic, COVID levels fluctuating by the hour, social injustices, businesses closing their doors, housing prices through the roof - or are you re-mapping your plan to reach your goals? Those that are succeeding are the people who have ripped up their plan, but kept their goal in focus. Either its a money goal, a career goal or life goal but they have kept the goal. The only change the pandemic has brought their way is the How. Anyone who has been around a while will tell you, the WHY will normally show itself as long as you are focused and ready to move forward.

So, I'm over the Oh Whoa Is ME and how the pandemic has wrecked your life. Cry about it, yell the anger out of your system and then refocus on your goal and move forward.

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