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In Troubled Times Show Who You Are

You work in the shadows and only those who need to know what you're doing and who you are actually know the character of who you are. Your spouse, your children, your family and close friends. However, in moments of unrest - disorganization, all sorts of emotional upheaval - you may have to step out into the light.

In the midst of her own grief, being strong and supporting her family, reassuring her daughters the world needed to hear from her. They needed to hear something from someone whom they could trust. Whom they know would speak to the pain, the confusion, the disbelief, the anger and the sadness. So Mrs. Bryant rose up.

Mrs. Vanessa L. Bryant sent out words to honor her husband, honor her daughter, honor the other families who lost loved ones in the incident. She sent words to say she appreciates all the prayers and thoughts of love sent her way. She sent words to say just like us, she is trying to navigate her tomorrows with pieces of her family gone; gone to the world.

It is now, in this moment, where those who saw her as just a pretty face, as someone who was just a "wife". Now you can clearly see Mrs. Vanessa L. Bryant is character and strength personified. God Bless Her.

If by chance you are someone who moves in the shadows, when a moment arises that calls for someone to rise up and speak don't hesitate to show who you are.

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