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Is That Enough to Sustain You?

It's January the time of year resolutions are made, major life changes are declared and a Better YOU is emerging. In doing so, most people cut so much out of their life - diet, exercise, people, clothing and activities. They become bare bones people for at least 2 weeks, then sadly everything that was removed is put back, sometimes in another form, but definitely back.

Everything removed slowly comes back because it's not enough to sustain you. What works for one person may not work for you. The no sugar, no salt, no this and no that may work for a lot of people when it comes to losing weight. It looks great on paper, but may be too much of a shock to your system and not work for you at all. Changes to your life to be a Better You are good, but realistic changes are lasting. The same for your intentions to change your career.

What you decide to add or remove to move your career towards your goals should be something you can sustain. If you join a networking group, choose a group you're going to still be a part of in October. If you've decided to change the focus of your resume from what it points to now, don't be the person who changes your resume focus every month; find a happy medium of where you want to be with room to grow into something else. Reinventing yourself is a good thing, but when you do a total 360 change, it has to be something that sticks. Take a moment and think about your whole life, not just the area you're changing to be sure being true to who you are and your goals are all in line for the change.

When deciding to be a Better You, be sure you are staying true to who you are. Change is good, but change that becomes a staying life change is better. Drop a comment to let me know what changes you plan to make for 2022. I'll reply with my own Better Me changes.

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