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It Can't Be All About the Money? Or is it?

I spent the weekend with Queen O, at the WW Oprah's 2020 Vision Tour: Your Life In Focus. Yes, if you were wondering I'm still glowing. The word that kept coming up was Intention. "..... Setting a clear intention will also lead to what you want."

The majority of people you talk to at work will tell you the reason they want to be promoted, in an honest safe conversation, is to make money. Yes, they think they can make change for the better. Of course, they believe their ideas for attracting more clients and selling more products will take the company's bottom line to new heights. In all of that success, for the company, lies More Money for you. Is it really all about the money for you? I think it's more.

If you concentrate more on the Why than on the money, I think your journey to your goal will be reached with intention; it will still be a journey with ups and downs but your vision will be clearer. The why is your true intention. What is your why?

Is your why the ability to travel more? Drive that dream car? Buy that dream house and furnish it from top to bottom? Maybe it's to be able to take care of your parents with no worries for you or for them. Whatever your why is, I'd say to focus on that. Focusing on the why actually has more drive and ambition to drive you than just reaching for the money. Take a step back, and look at your plan to reach your goal(s), but this time look at it with your why at the center.

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