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It's Happening..... YOUR Next Step!

As states begin to re-open portions of their states, the realization that your world is about to open up is closer than you thought. The world where you, worked all day but you were sitting in your source of power; your space. It made you productive, creative and at times speak up in ways you normally wouldn't and hadn't before now. How can you keep that "strength" you sit in daily when you step outside and actually go to the office? This will be the test!

YOU can continue the momentum. During the "Stay at Home Order" you showed yourself to be valuable. The company saw you in a light that showed why they hired you, why they kept you and now why they should promote you. Yes, you! This pandemic, for some, has been an opportunity to find the true sense of what they are made of; and the courage to step out on it. Don't allow leaving your source of strength to diminish all that you've shown. Keep that same zest for success. Your next steps should be up.

Stay on course and keep moving towards those goals you set for your career when 2020 started. YOU are well on your way.

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