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It's Time!

You've been reading all the sites on the economy. You check LinkedIn several times a day. You've googled "Resumes" about a hundred times. You created accounts on every job postings website you have heard or and found. Now what? Wait? No, no more waiting. Now it's time to reach out and connect.

You've whispered to a few folks that you're "looking" for a job. Stop saying that. Tell them you're not looking, you're ready to move. Or you have been laid off/let go of your recent job and need income sooner than later. Get to networking. Don't just dial-in to the Zoom call, engage in the conversation. Check your Meet-up account, see what groups you signed up for are doing. COVID is alive and well, but small gatherings with social distancing is still happening. People who know someone who know someone, know about openings that may or may not be posted. Many positions are posted and close after the first 100 applicants. Be ready.

I know you've been doing what you usually do when searching for a job. And I know you have been tweaking your resume to fit each job opening you apply for. The goal is to get the interview. Once you get in front of them, they will see you are the perfect candidate. To get the interview you have to get your resume on the Human Resources desk, to do this you must connect with someone to get it there. Stop waiting and get active. Put it out there..... It's Time!

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