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Let's Be Great!

ha ha ha I know, that's the mantra everywhere. The words may be a bit different, but that's the motto for 2022. Well, guess what everyone is not going to be great. Let's accept that and be Great anyway.

When people think about being great they think of making history or being in the top 10% Influencers on some list someplace. Being great isn't necessarily a title but more of the impression you leave on people.

When people walk away from you do the words you say linger? Does your energy stay with them in a way that makes them wake the next day with their eyes on the possibilities of their lives. This is how greatness is built. Not necessarily, on what my BFF calls 'Grand Gestures' but on the simple things that add up to boost someone into the place they strive to be.

I realize your actions are to move you towards your goals. However, along your journey you will meet and interact with people, in those moments you are a part of their journey. It's in these moments where greatness is actually made. Sure, I pray for you to make one of the legendary Forbes' Lists, but to truly be carried into lifetimes beyond your own to be Great it takes the passing on of YOU. It takes person to person interactions where YOUR STORY is repeated in an everyday conversation as if it is the norm.

That IS the secret. Outside of your Instagram Followers, FB group and Tik Tok Followers the true way of sustaining a level of greatness is "word of mouth". So as much as you focus on your own success, be sure to take a pause when you have an opportunity to share some insight with someone else. Sometimes it's as simple as sharing an event in your life that you figured out a way thru.

Greatness doesn't always mean being a martyr doesn't mean there will be a statue of you in the park, but it can mean that the wisdom and lessoned learner will live forever.

P.s. stone eventually crumbles, but the spirit of word live forever.

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