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Let's Do The Numbers

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

My Best friend is always telling me "You've gotta do the numbers Best Friend". Well, she's right. "The Numbers" are facts which you can't argue about.

Doing the numbers refers to anytime you are referencing anything that connects to your money, anything that is going out; Your one-time cost and your monthly expenses, The dinner you want today and the groceries you still need to buy, the self-care you believe you deserve and the savings account goals you have. Nothing, and I do mean nothing, escapes the numbers. Not even when it comes to investing in something that will bring you more money and opportunities, like an investment in your career. Namely, getting a new job.

The main resource for getting a new job is a resume. You need one. You need a good one. A good resume gets you an interview. A great resume gets you the salary and benefits you want after the interview. How much is that worth? Will it cost you time, money or both? Let's break down the numbers. ** Costs are averages

  • Resume writer = about $200

  • with your details they will rewrite your resume to fit a specific position or a more general version

  • Career coach = about $150 an hour (higher if you want a really good one)

  • help you narrow down what you want your career to be

  • assist you in having a professional presence

  • suggest networking connections

  • help you choose career groups

  • Join Toastmasters = $90 a year USD

  • Professional headhunter (recruiter who works for you) = about $100 per hour (higher for high level jobs)

The total for the numbers, about $900.00. Yes, you're worth it. But with this cost is also a time investment. You'll meet with the resume writer at minimum twice, since you're not the only client. The career coach will want to meet once a week, with accountability actions for you to complete. Toastmasters is once a month in most cities. The headhunter is working for you daily. However, what they bring back to you may not always be what you're looking for, unless you invest in one of the high level jobs. It all sound great, if you have that kind of time to invest along with the money.

If what you need is something immediate but with results. Then I the Resume Remake eBook will give you that. It's walks you through the process of mapping out everything you need in your resume. In doing so, helps set you up for success in the interview. Included are three (3) resume formats to use over and over again. Along with membership in the FB Group to get answers you need for the "career coach" questions you have. Resume Remake cost = $85.

You know the goals you have for yourself, for your life. so, weigh your options. Think about your timeframe for the career change you're looking for. Make a decision.

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