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Magnetism Can Make You Money

It's not the association you may be thinking. Here I am truly referring to the Britannica definition; " ...It can be an electric current in a conductor or charged particles moving through space,..." how exciting does this sound? How does this translate into something you can use? You are already using it.

You are the "current" in your company moving your career ahead. Some people are entrepreneurs, conducting their product through the maze of marketing to the consumer. In either environment, it takes an energy exuding from you to make it happen. YOU are the magnet the brings in opportunity, listening ears to your ideas, and a level of respect because your energy knows it's worth.

No one likes selling, well most people don't. However, when you exude all that you are it's not hard for people to take note of what you're saying and what you're excited about. It's that excitement that gets people on board with YOU. It doesn't matter if you're selling a product or a new idea, or just looking for sponsorship for a new project within the organization. YOUR energy is what gets people on board and in full support of YOU. When you're supported, your valued and your "stock" increases with those around you; That increase translates to dollars.

Stay positive and ALWAYS stay YOU!

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