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Mind Your Time

If you've ever done a guided meditation with Deepak Chopra, then you have heard him say "I'll mind the time". It's a blissful experience. In everyday life, it's your job to 'mind the time' .

Minding the time can be very hard. You know you need to pause, take a moment, give yourself some space, but the fear of missing an opportunity or disappointing someone else keeps you filling in the lines of your calendar. Well, STOP IT!

Your time is just as valuable as the people and things you are filling your calendar with. Give yourself the gift of white space. When you flip from week to week, the win isn't how full your pages are. It's how much free space you gave yourself.

Create your goals for your career, your lifestyle and what success looks like. Then when you begin scheduling in your calendar keep those intentions in mind. If it doesn't fit into any of those, then possibly pencil them in or say no. If you do choose to pencil them in, then make sure its not in the small space between other more intentional meetings.

Remember YOU are in charge of YOU.

If you're still not sure what should take precedence over what, then drop me a line in the FB group for some assistance; or maybe you just need some support.

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