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Moving in a New Direction is NOT Change .... I said so.

People are afraid of change. Even those who seem to embrace it will admit there is a bit of fear as they shift from how it was yesterday to how it is today. Moving from this place of knowing to a place where there is only speculation as to whether it will work or not, the fear is warranted. Moving from using carbon paper to using a copy machine, will the document still be readable. Moving from walking a typed letter to another office to sending it via email, will it get there and will they be able to read it. Well, these days are gone. How we work changed then, and will change now; movement brings changes. But what about when you wake up and decide how my life is right now isn’t it. It isn’t wrong, but it isn’t quite what makes me giddy inside; is this a want for change? I say “no”.

I say this want is merely one for a directional shift. It’s not likely that you will go through your closet throw out all your clothes or call work and quit or even look over at your children and tell them you’re done parenting. No, this quake in you – dare I say need in you – to do life differently is not change but a path shift. To change means you stop doing one thing to do something else. Something you hope will be better than what you are currently doing. Moving in a new or different direction means you will keep going but some things you didn’t see before will begin to appear. You’ll see connecting with friends as a mental renewal, taking a lunch break away from your computer as a recharge of thoughts, and looking at the skill set that got you this far that no longer suits you as cleansing your spirit.

Reviewing where you are in your career and shift some things – attitude, dress, networking, associations. Take that paycheck and add some dollars to a summer house fund, spa week excursion, or possibly get those Manolo's or throwback sneakers you’ve been secretly wanting. This adjustment is the beginning of the “You” that started in high school, the “You” that occasionally comes out when you talk to that longtime friend. The “You” that you feel when you’re reading a certain book or watching something on television. It’s possible, you know. That “You” can be the reality of today if you want it to be, you just have to want it. So, how do you start?

Well, you start with deciding which areas of your life need a different direction. Maybe it’s all areas or maybe its just “You” that needs a new direction and would like a little help finding it. All the cookie cutter self-help books, websites, and workshops aren’t the answer. A personal coach is too expensive and time consuming. So, how about a plan created specifically for you to begin from where you are wherever you are in the country. Affordable and fits into your schedule, but also has people who will keep you accountable – until you tell us to stop – for the new journey.

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