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Not One More Thing

I think this sums it all up for all of us. We're ALL tired. It's easy to point to COVID as the culprit, but it's a but more than that. You're tired of working so hard and getting nowhere near the goals you set for yourself. You're tired of "following the rules" of getting ahead and not moving forward. You're tired of holding on for your moment and it seems to never come. Yup, VERY tired. What if what is needed isn't a vacation but 5 days of stepping back? Hear me out.

I challenge you to take 5 days and do nothing for your career. During those 5 days: don't raise your hand for anything extra (if you're chosen or asked say yes but that's it), don't apply for any jobs, don't join a networking group, don't sign up for a training, stop listening to any podcast or webinar. Just take 5 days to stop. Let whatever you've learned and done sit with you for these 5 days. Pay attention to what you see around you at work, in your field and about your long-term career. Think of your career goals and see if they are applicable to who you are now and what you really want for yourself.

After the 5 days sit down and determine what your end-game goal is, short-term and long-term. The end-game may be based on the lifestyle you want, and that's fine. Your career is the means to support your lifestyle, your career is not your life. Based on everything you know right now, write out what you need to do to reach those goals. It maybe changing jobs, it may mean moving to another field, it might mean going to school, going part-time or pulling back at work.

It's not exactly a detox, but it will help to give you some clarity on what you want and what it will take to get there without the interjections from outside sources. Remember these are YOUR goals and YOUR life, make it what you want not based on what others believe you should do.

Good Luck! If you need some help, click over to the Career Success FB Group and just ask.

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