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On the Verge of Excitement!

"what if it doesn't happen", "what if I'm disappointed", "I'm sure they won't consider me", "ok, just calm down and stay normal"..... These are the thoughts you tell yourself when an opportunity is in front of you. Or maybe it's when there is a moment to showcase your skill set. How about an issue, which you have already thought out in your head, someone is needing a solution to.

As of right now, this moment, allow excitement to take over. Allow yourself to get built up, pumped up, and to be in anticipation of something great happening.

We do ourselves a disservice every time we temper our excitement of the possibility of joy/a win/acceptance/praise. Your skills, gifts and talents are yours. No one has what you do. They may be able to do the same thing, but not the same way you do. When you don't allow what you have to shine and also give it the excitement it deserves.

Ok, so let's talk about why you don't get excited. The possibility of disappointment, being wrong, it not working out, not being "picked" are real thoughts and emotions. These are all real possibilities. Sometimes you put yourself out there, begin to get excited and it doesn't work out in your favor at all. It will suck! But what about missing out on the moment of allowing yourself to be EXCITED. No down will ever top that feeling.

Instead, if it doesn't work out in your favor celebrate putting your skills and know how out there. Take the excitement you felt and let it linger into a win for trying. BE EXCITED! It feels so good.

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