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Ooh It's Shiny

It's a good trait to have, being humble. Allowing your work to speak for itself and taking credit when its appropriate and not downplaying anyone else's skills. Of course, you have to be your biggest cheerleader and "toot your own horn" is the business motto written all across the land, but being humble still beats being braggadocios. What's the middle? How can you bring attention to yourself without being too much for all those around you? The answer is to shine.

When you shine you're not taking up anymore space than usual, it's just now you can be seen. Those in the room not only know you're there but they also want to know what you've done and what you can do. Easy to do IN the office but how can you do this over video conferencing? Easier than you think.

To shine in a video conference the key is engagement. If a subject comes up and you're able to the conversation, don't hesitate, do that. Read through the agenda prior to the meeting to prepare a question or two. Even if most of the meetings you have are only voice, get dressed. Be camera ready, not with your favorite wrinkled t-shirt, but a wrinkle-free plain t-shirt (if a t-shirt is your company work from home vibe). Lastly, watch the chat. Most conference calls involve people you wouldn't normally interact with so the chat is the place to do it. Chime in on an answer to someone, maybe you have a question, this is a good place to ask it. As you consistently engage your name will become familiar. The more familiar people are with you/your name, the more people will connect you with as a person who is knowledgeable.

Shining takes on different forms depending on where you are. In this age of work from home video conferencing, engagement is the only way to shine. Shining is about confidence and show casing your strengthens. This can still be done, you just have to type fast with no spelling errors. It's only Tuesday. You still have 3 more days to SHINE BRIGHT.

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