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Opportunities Come from the Heart

In previous posts I've talked about how people are always watching you. I said this because, in a lot of cases it's those eyes which will support you in your reach to level up. They watched you work hard, how you interact with others, how you make the best of situations that are not ideal all while staying hard-working and positive.

I believe in doing all you can do for your career; gaining skills, networking with everyone, learning the goals of the company from a high-level as well as from the perspective of lower levels within. Nothing comes by accident or chance, it is what we put into the goals we strive for that make the difference. However, there is one more nugget which is "Someone is always watching". When you do your best where you are with what you have, not thinking about what it will or won't get you or even that no one else is caring as much; these are the moments that can define your who you are and your core beliefs and mission.

I say all this to tell you, to keep doing your best. Keep growing yourself and keep a positive demeanor, the next opportunity that comes to you will come from that energy. So KEEP IT UP!

NOTE: During the pandemic, Leslie Allen Jordan, the Actor, took to Instagram due to boredom. He did it to check-in with people, but also for them to check-in with him. He shared stories from his long-career, a few anecdotes from behind the scenes and somedays gave us all a glimpse of what he was doing to pass the time. In doing so, opportunities have come to him - a new hit sitcom, performing at the Grand Old Opry and even writing a book. He didn't start his Instagram life for gain, only to use what he knew to do for others.

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