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Re-Open? Your Career Goals Never Closed

The world is starting to open back up, some with a toe in the water and some with a whole foot leg and arm. In doing so people are beginning to figure out their new normal. What its going to take to survive and move forward from where we are now? If you waited until now to figure out your next steps, then you are a little late; not too late which means you can catch up.

How are you late? The "World Pause", that's what I'm calling it, was an opportunity to regroup at your own pace. There were free: coaching calls, headhunters offering resume reviews, mindset shift podcasts, resume editors, training's, Zoom meet-up groups, sales on professional clothing, free advice. The list goes on and on of what was available to grow yourself, pivot your skills set and continue to build towards your goals.

Now, before it all dries up, get yourself in gear! See the industries that are still thriving. Focus on the skill sets, not the positions, that companies are in need of. Take a step back about what you lost and what you can't do, and see what you do have and what is within your grasp.

This re-opening is going to be very new to a lot of people. Don't be one of those people. Step into the new normal with confidence and a bag of skills to launch you forward.

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