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Real Talk about YOUR Career

You have the skills, you've done some amazing work at the company you're currently working with. You've grown your skills, you've stayed connected to all your networks yet you never seem to get even a nibble on your resume. Why is that?

It's because your resume says nothing.

You have a standard "My goal is to obtain a job ...." as your start. Then it goes into your job experience. Next is your education, maybe some certifications and associations. The font is so tiny, trying to fit your life into 2 pages. Goodness.... blah, blah, blah. Where are you in that sea of blandness?

Your resume should take all your best attributes and put them out front. Your resume should scream out all of your accomplishments. The Human Resources person or Head Hunter is never going to get to the meat of your resume because the first page is such a blah. Where are your skills? What is your specialty? How many dollars are you working with? How many people were on the team you lead? Let's see your shining skills right up front.

This isn't a movie, where you build up to the climax of who you are. No, this is life that has stacks of resumes 100 deep in someone's inbox. Where there is no borders, your competition is in another state and another country. Remember, before companies thought staff could work remotely NOW they know staff can. Thanks COVID; the gift that keeps on giving.

I know they say, "You can't win if you don't play", but right now it's not about just playing. There is no room for "maybe next time". There are plenty of opportunities out there, you see them on all the jobs boards and in the networking chats. However, if you're not shining from the pile you'll never be seen.

Help is coming! Be Ready for what's coming next. I can help you get there. Join the FB Group to be 1st in line for the Resume Revamp you need. Dropping in 3 days

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