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Routine vs Habit, which works?

I give full support to routines as opposed to habits. I've supported this for many, many years. Reason: if it's a routine, it's an action, if its an action you believe must be done you'll do it without thinking. Key word here is do it; action.

Looking into this, I found a great article written by Nir Eyal on his blog . In his article, he speaks to the strengths of both habits and routines. In doing so, you get a full understanding of which works best for what you're attempting to focus on in your life. It's a short read, and gives the best explanation.

My vote goes to Routines. Routines ensure that what needs to be done every week to set you up for success is completed. It doesn't matter how you feel or how busy you are you have: clean clothes, tidy house, food in the fridge, personal time, relax time, networking blocks, skill building moments.

Routines are the key to Stay Ready so you don't have to Get Ready. After reading the blog by Nir Eyal, I hope you lean into Routines for Success.

Leave a Comment and let me know which you choose.

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