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Seeing the Sunshine Takes Time

Yay we can go outside now! Woo Hoo! However, it's still baby steps for a while. We can go out but there are a few rules that have to be followed. BUT we CAN go outside. Back in April we didn't know when this day would come. Well, it's here. Just like all the work you've been doing while you waited to go outside.

You've been increasing your on-line presence through LinkedIn, Group Zoom chats, and several social media apps. Your skills have increased through on-line trainings, discussions within your field and catching up on reading the latest trends you can incorporate. Did I mention, your networking game is a level 10. You've taken advantage of the home time to focus on connecting with people who also like your outside of work interests.

With all the work you're doing and the doors being opened to outdoors, opportunities should be plentiful; they will but not so fast. The world is still a bit off balanced. Yes, the business landscape isn't what it used to look like but new normal hasn't fully been determined yet. Don't be disappointed by this, just be patient. Your time is coming. Be sure to stay alert, pay attention and keep staying ready.

Even after a storm, the sunshine returns to the sky. It's not an immediate burst of light. Slowly as the clouds rescind and float away the light is revealed. Just be patient and wait for it.

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