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Stop Counting!

We are NOT in jail. People are counting the days we've been quarantined as if it is some life ending sentence. Counting the days while you are confined to YOUR own living space, with YOUR own stuff, eating YOUR choice of food whenever YOU want to eat it, is NOT jail. You can even go outside, with distancing restrictions, whenever you want. This is a pause. It's a worldwide life pause.

A pause to look at all of your life, prior to CaronaNona, and see what was really working for you and what wasn't. A pause to think about your career with clear site. Is that working for your life? If you are now unemployed due to all of this, maybe it's time to look at a career that would have been safe during this. Or maybe, it's time you started that business you've been thinking about.

You've been getting better at your finances, but now you know you need to get "real" about what you need what you want and what you actually can afford. You thought you needed that "thing", now you see you really don't.

I'm not saying this is easy. It's not. I'm not even saying "Get over it". This isn't really something to get over. What I am saying is looking at the days, counting them as if you are in a spiral to the end of something isn't the way to go. This is just a time, a moment in OUR lives to take a pause. Focus on our lives as whole, instead of busy compartments that never seem to stop. See what is working, what isn't. Look at yourself and determine if you are who you want to be and how you want to move through life not when this is over, but right now. These moments where you get this kind of time don't come around often, if ever. So, Enjoy The Pause.

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