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Stop Wasting Energy on Haters

All over social media there is a mantra "My Haters Motivate Me" ... like huh?? I give this NO SUPPORT. You only have so many hours in a day, 24 by the way, and only so many of those hours when you are awake, 16 to 18. Along with those number, your energy level diminishes as the day goes on; The Numbers. Just doing all this math has taken up some of that daily ration, which is why it makes no sense you would spend any of it on your haters.

To take whatever your "haters" have said, categorize it then strategically work on each of those areas in your life is ludicrous. Nothing they say even matters that much to them. They are, as my Best Friend calls them, pigeons. They release their droplets and keep moving. They don't give another thought about it. So why would you?

People who are rooting against you, hoping for your failure and NOT wishing you well shouldn't matter. Bless and release. It's all a ploy to keep you from focusing on what really matters, YOUR Goals. Use your goals to motivate you. The freedom you see on the other side, the ability to grow your career and space in your field. This should fuel your every move, not something that is meant to bring you down.

When you take energy, mental and physical, to turn a negative opinion into a positive one, it's like you're reaching backwards and digging into a hole just to try and come back out of it. Makes no logical sense. Use all of your resources to move forward. Use all the good and positive around you to keep you motivated to keep going and reach your goals.

Let me know if you want to talk more about it, Free Consultation.

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