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Summer is Over... Now What?

Well, HELLO World!

Summer is over. I spent the Summer on planes, trains, automobiles and ferries. It was great! I relaxed, laughed and my favorite pastime "going at my own pace". As Instagram wonderful as my Summer was, I must tell you a secret..... I was still promoting and stepping into spaces as brand "me".

In all of the spaces I was asked "what do you do?", "where do you live?", "what do you do on the side?", "what do you do for hobbies?", and lastly "what is your opinion about/on this?". That last question I was asked quite a few times. You see when people see you being YOU it becomes a magnet; that is if YOU are someone who exudes happiness, joy and energy that is light-hearted. They want to connect or be a part of that energy, that space which you inhabit. In order to do so, they must get to know you. Not intimately, be at the very least at a surface level.

I always ensure that each of level of me has substance and makes anyone feel that whatever the exchange it was personal. Nothing said or conveyed was fake or phony. Of course, I've been doing this for years. However, for those who haven't the best way to cultivate layers of yourself that still convey who you are and what you are about, you 1st must be truthful with yourself. Know who you are? Even as you grow and evolve always be in tune with who you truly are.

Yup, it's deep. For sure it's work. Definitely it's worth it.

I KNOW you don't do FB, but to hear me explain this and so much more, I suggest you join the Career Success Lifestyle FB Group. It's FREE and allows you to ask me direct questions. Let's grow your career, you and have some fun.

See you there!

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