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The Affordable Resume Edit

Hire a Resume Editor? Or buy a Results driven Resume Template?

Your career needs a change, NOW. You aren't looking for a long-term plan right now. Everything is going up in price, companies you've had your eye on for a couple of years are laying people off. You need to make a leap to a new level of money and position like yesterday. How? Do you hire someone to review and edit your resume? Or do you spend a day googling templates trying to figure out which one will work for you?

#1: Cost.

You get what you pay for, but not always. Paying someone a couple hundred dollars to review your resume and make edits sounds like a good idea. Then you get the final product back and realize you could have probably done it yourself if you had the time. Most resume editors have a few templates they use for several industries. Based on what your current resume says, they then edit what you send them adding a few lines here and there.

For less than $100, my eBook gives you the results driven templates and the instructions on what to add or remove.

#2: Quality.

Resume editors are qualified. They have degrees and experience in the fields you need to create a resume worthy of an interview. Their list of credits include Human Resources, Communications, English and Executive coaching. They have written resumes for mid-level managers to C-Suite executives. Most are the real deal.

Over 20 years assisting friends and colleagues with career strategies for advancement, support for changing career direction and adjusting their resumes to show their strengths for the position they want. Getting results is the result of quality.

#3: Time.

Hiring someone to redo your resume takes about a week or 2. ( if you wait until May or June you it may take longer due to graduation season). Once they finish the resume, they send it to you for a review with a watermark. If you approve they send you the final results. Done.

Doing it yourself with a template to follow will take you about 2 hours. Spellcheck will work with you on the review. Once you decide it's complete, you can send it out for all the positions you want an interview for. If you decide to change it, you still have the templates at your disposal to make revisions.

#4: Your Choice.

Hiring a Resume Editor is a good choice if you have the money and not the time. Also, if you plan to only need a new resume once.

Buying the Resume Revamp is a good choice if you don't have time for several days of googling and choosing the right template for your needs. The Resume Revamp will take you 2 hours of your Netflix/Hulu time, but knowing you're using a template that has gotten results in different industries over and over again, is worth the 2 hours. Having a resource at your disposal to revise and upgrade your resume anytime you need to is considered an investment purchase.

It's Time to make a choice Resume Revamp.

Still unsure of the quality product you're purchasing, join the FB Group to find out.

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