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The LAST Word on Networking

I just did a review of my posts for 2021, I realize I talked about networking a lot. Networking is a key topic to talk about but, if you don't get it by now...... well, then you just don't get it.

You can have all the right credentials for your field - certifications, degrees, diplomas, - but if no one knows you or that you exist it doesn't matter. You can post your resume on every job board that exists, but your just a number when it comes to HR algorithms that run to pull specific types of candidates. Then its like lining up for recess in elementary school, height and the 1st letter of your last name is all that mattered; basically, the criteria becomes nothing you really have any control over.

If you've ever reviewed resumes you know, after the top 5 you review the rest are "all the same"; blah, blah, blah. What moves you into a different category is when someone remembers you from an event, job fair or the meet-up group they belong to. The old adage "it's who you know" has shifted to "who knows you". In the last few years, I've spoken to a number of people who heard about a position or was called for an interview not from anyone they knew but someone who knew someone who knew them. THAT is networking in a nutshell.

You have to get out there and Be Known, Be Seen, Be Heard. Just do it! Join a club, show up to an event, talk to people about the weather and connect. That's it. That's all it takes.

Let me know if you need any help with that since I will not be talking about it in a blog post anymore....... well, unless you need me to.

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