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The Power of Being Home

Yes, The CaronaNona (this is what my BFF and I are calling it), has the economy in a state of panic. Jobs are being lost, production is at a stand still and the stock market is trying to see just how far down in the well it can go before reaching bottom. Very scary times. However, it is in these times that you must think of the opportunity for you. The rainbow in the cloud, so to speak.

During the Great Depression, several businesses got their start; Proctor & Gamble, IHOP, General Electric and a few others. They didn't start because of an abundance of capitol. They started because when the world is stripped down the it's bare bones you are able to see what is truly needed and will always be needed, in good and bad times. Hence, you working from home. This is an opportunity for you to shine.

You are most comfortable at home. Here there is no judgement, and with Social Distancing people couldn't stop over if they wanted to. You are free to be all of who you are. No rules, protocols or politics to stand in your way. So when you're on those Skype, Teams, or Zoom calls, there is nothing standing in the way of your voice and your ideas. Now is the time to chime in on the side chats, raise your hand with questions and let the entire company know you exist and are here to make yourself heard. Why not? When will you get another opportunity to be as comfortable as you are with such a broad audience.

Companies are having coast to coast, country to country calls about this new normal. There are people, if you check the profiles, on the calls that you would not be invited into the room with for at least another 5 to 10 years. Take advantage of the moment. No, you may not be addressing them directly but if someone posts a question in the chat and you now the answer, start typing. A topic is being presented and something is said incorrectly, type in the correction with tact of course.

You have an opportunity to shine in front of a large arena thanks to The CaronaNona, so use it while it is active. Don't let this moment of power pass you by. Put on that concert t-shirt from college, draw on that person you were before 9 to 5 wore you down and BE ALL YOU ARE and then some. YOU have the power, unleash it everyday you are working remote. The outcome may move you closer to your goals.

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