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There is No Aide for Your Career

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

As COVID-19 continues to cast a veil through our atmosphere and people who secretly believe themselves to be Superheros don't wear a mask, the reality that we may have to take some steps back into lock down are looming. Hence, the additional stimulus check being sent out from the government and a few more dollars being added to unemployment checks. That said, there is no additional help being sent to support your career.

Your career, whether it needs to change, pivot or move to a whole new line of work, it's all on you. There will be no check, letter or national announcement of adjustments made to help you figure it out. YOU are on your own. Well, sort of. The truth is, you know what needs to be done. The fear and anxiousness of doing it are fogging your mind and freezing your actions.

This extended pause is a small gift. A gift of time. Use it to get your focus back on what your next steps are. If your company has starting moving to a "slimmer workforce" and you are still there, I would advise you to arm your resume for the next round of "weight loss". If you are one of the "contract workforce" and see that those stopped immediately through all of this, check out some company reviews and maybe a full time job is not as bad as you once thought. Or maybe you have more contracts now than you had before, talk to someone about incorporating yourself and get some business benefits as a safety net with health insurance. Lastly, if you have been working and are still working, look around at what positions are now gaining ground and more needed in this New Tomorrow. Career advancement is still on the table, if not at this company then possibly another.

If this is making you panic, don't. Being prepared takes the panic out of the present and turns your sights towards the better day of tomorrow. Your career is not over. No, it's not going to look like it did in February but it is still a Career. A career worth taking care of, all on your own.

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