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This Ride Isn't For Everyone

I just finished reading the Essence Magazine interview with Lori Harvey. I see her face everywhere, and that body is serious #Goals. I was curious to see if she would address why she declined the engagement to reading the article to Michael B Jordan. Interestingly enough, she didn't address it. Well, not directly.

What she did say rang loud and clear to me about goals, ambition, change and growth. She quoted something her mother told her "For those who know and love you, no answer is needed. But for those who don't, no answer will do" .

As you continue, or begin, moving towards your success goals there will be a lot of people who will say odd things and do odd things, which may not be hindering but definitely are not supportive. Know they do not require your attention. They do not require an explanation on why you are moving the way that you are.

If no other quote is on a sticky in front of your monitor, let this one be it. The energy you expend attempting to explain your goals and plans of how you will reach them to others, is energy you need for your goals. Let them be curious. Leave them unsure. Allow them to be in a fog. Your loyalty in 2023 is to your goals. Do not be distracted.

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