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Trapped In What You're Known For?

One of the best parts about building a name for yourself, is being known for something. Last minute ideas to pitch, everyone looks for you. The person who can organize any team. The one who can calm down any client. The person who can put together a presentation in nothing flat. You're The One people come to for THAT. Now, you're ready to move on to something else.

Your goals have changed, which causes you to focus on other skills that you didn't use as much. So how do you shift the work culture to think of you for other skills? It's going to take some intention on your part, but it can be done.

1st you must begin to teach others the skills you're known for. The only way people will stop thinking of you for that, is to teach others that skill so they can be as good as you are. It may mean teaching more than one person, if so that's ok. Just work on it.

2nd speak up when something comes up or there is a space to use the skills you now want to be known for. Since everyone already knows you and count on for something specific, use that currency to be counted on for something else. Every time there is a moment to fit in your other skills, speak up about it and loudly.

Lastly, don't stop. This is not going to be easy or quick, so keep at it. If you're consistent about it for about 4 weeks you will definitely see the shift start to happen. You may even see a full shift. You'll have moments where you will miss being the one everyone calls on, but its ok. You'll become the new "IT" person again but for something else.

What are you known for? What are you working to be known for? Let's talk about it.

Note: I watched the Paris Hilton Documentary, mostly to stay connected to what ever is "that's hot" for the moment. In it, you see a person who has become famous and rich from a character she created, which at points you see she feels trapped by. She has resolved herself to just keep the character, but it is my opinion filming the documentary is her slow shift to free herself to become known for something else. ;-)

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