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What are We Supposed to Do?

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Open. Closed. Open.Closed. Open but with limitations. Closed because people are stupid. Paused because well, it's just not clear what we should do.

Everyday the unpredictable becomes a bit more unpredictable. It makes you feel uncertain which is normal. Unsure of what to do, if anything, when it comes to your career; also normal. Well, when you don't know what to do they say to do nothing. I disagree somewhat.

When times are like they are right now, the BEST thing you can do for yourself is revamp your resume. Ensure you are showcasing your skills, your abilities which you know are valuable but don't have a certification attached to them. Now is also the time to venture beyond your comfort zone and tap into your wish list. Those "dream jobs" maybe more in reach than you thought.

Some steps you can do, at no financial cost but a time cost, to put yourself in line for the next phase of business:

~ Update your LinkedIn Profile. Don't just update your profile but add details for the last 3 positions you've held. There are HR Specialist, Headhunters and Startups scouring LinkedIn for the support and key players that they need.

~ Headhunters can work for you. Headhunters, the good ones, are paid by the companies they do searches for. Contact one and see what they have to offer. Also, they can look at your skills and see your next move that you never considered.

~ Resume to Revamp. Your resume got you the job you have now, but the world has changed since then; Big Time Changed. Look at your resume with new eyes. Eyes that are looking for transferable skills (a marketing person, can now be a client facing innovator). Transferable skills is a phrase that has been around for ages, that's because as the world changes business changes and so should the focus of your skill set.

It's easy to become frozen right now. Grateful for the job you still have. Hopeful for the job you may get. I say, there is more opportunity for those who take off their focused glasses and look with an open mind and a list of skills that will work in a variety of places.

NOTE: Foundational Advice to help you get your footing A Book

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