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Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood? - Click for a pick-me-up

Finding a job is not easy, it never was, but now more than ever it seems like an endless tunnel of hitting the SUBMIT Button. Receiving a call for additional information, or even better, an interview almost feel like winning the lottery.

After you have searched the internet and applied, joined several networking groups and attended, updated your LinkedIn profile and made it searchable, did you tell the people you know you're looking for a job? I don't mean your happy hour friends or your workout buddy, although you should tell them as well that you are looking for a new job, but did you put it out to all of your contacts?

Who are your contacts?

  • Professor you kept in touch with

  • Mentors in your field and outside of your field

  • College friends and Sorority/Fraternity friends

  • After-work teammates

  • co-workers (the ones you can trust)

  • People in your errands circle - grocery store, cleaners, barbershop, Amazon delivery guy

  • Family - Mom, aunts, siblings, cousins

You would be surprised to find out who people know that you don't know. The circles they are traveling in that you didn't pay much attention to. For all the searching and networking most of us do, we forget the people right in front of us.

Make a list and go through it, don't leave anyone out. You will cut down your search time by 75%. Let me know how it goes.

P.S. Your Mom and Aunts know what everyone of your childhood friends are up to, so don't skip over them.

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