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Why Are You Always On the Computer?

Sounds like something a child would whine to their parents. However, it's not a child and you're not the parent. This question is coming from friends, a spouse or significant other or family members. Someone in your life who just wants you to look up and converse with them, eye to eye. If you're like most people right now, the computer screen is your life; for work, leisure, connecting with friends. There just is no getting away with being in front of some form of computer, it's either a laptop desktop iPad tablet phone or your TV. The question people should be complaining to you about is "Are you really being productive?"

For as much as we must be on the computer, there are times when we are choosing to be on the computer. We do it under the guise of "I have to get this done". We are, after all, a task based society. Prior to the COVID shut down, even the children could be heard on the playground running down their list of activities. So many they were unable to tell a friend if they could or could not attend a playdate, which by the way is also scheduled. When was the last time, even in COVID, you just did something unplanned? Something that did not require technology at all. Read a book, just listened to music or stared out the window at the squirrels and the birds.

These moments without technology are a good rest for the eyes for sure. These moments are also good for YOU. If you really want to be productive give yourself some intentional free time. With all that you "must" do in a day, if you pay attention to yourself the tasks are taking you longer and longer to complete. Your mind and body are fatigued from all the technology you force them to endure. Giving yourself a day, or two, with only your 8 or 9 hour workday then shut it down, you'll be surprised how much more productive you are the next day.

Facetime or Zoom chat with friends after work won't seem so daunting if you've given some space between you and the screen for a day or two. If you're a Gamer, getting to the next level won't be such a struggle once you take a break from it. Depending on today's COVID level you may not be able to leave the house and wander around outside, but you can take a technology break and allow your mind to wander around with no interference.

My schedule is just as long as the next person, but I've found tasks that were taking me hours were shortened into a few minutes when I started intentionally taking a technology break. Try it and let me know what it did for your work week.

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