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You Are Enough.... but keep working on YOU

In the new work climate, the goal of most isn't to get better but to make sure they imprint on you that you are not good enough. Your ideas are questions, your knowledge is glazed with being questionable and as for your business posture, well don't even think about it.

It used to be if you a person saw you as the "threat" to their promotion and elevation in the company they worked harder and became better than you. Sure, there was always one or two who tried to pull you down and discredit your abilities, but now it seems that is the norm for everyone around you. Well, so WHAT! I saw 2019 end with people so busy chasing the "rabbit hole" of addressing these people that they missed moments of opportunities to advance themselves. They missed moments of engaging with the people who need to know you simply by focusing the conversation on combating the seed the "mean co-workers" had planted in your head. Instead of reading the person and focusing on YOUR skills that met the needs of what they are looking for.

As you move into 2020, remember your goals. Remember what you are about, what you have achieved, what you can do, what you will do, and where it is you want to end up as 2020 closes. If you need to make a list on a large post-it and place it everywhere you can see it; the binder you take to meetings, on the side of the screen you look at when doing Skype calls, your cell phone screen saver. Place this list of YOUR abilities and skills everywhere to remind you to focus on you.

Yeah, I know ignoring them isn't easy. Someone trying to minimize all you've worked for is hard. However, they don't hold the power to advance you, they only hold the power of their own tongue. Let your actions "bite" their tongues into silence. 2020 is going to be a year of action not planning, not dreaming, not maneuvering; it's going to be a year of actions.

So Get Moving!

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