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You've Got to Do It Scared! ~ it's not that easy

Man! What is going on? The world is in a tumble for sure. BUT you know, so WHAT! All we can do, to save ourselves and others, is to adapt. One thing that should not change are your goals. Nope, keep them NO MATTER WHAT. Why? Because this too shall pass.

For some people, shifting to working on-line has been the best thing to happen to their career. Not being stressed by the commute, what should I wear and how do I look are no longer a worry. You can now sit in your comfortable space, in a nice shirt (waist up exposure) with notes in front of you and give your best idea/opinion/decision/client pitch (yup, some companies are still making money). The stress you had before has been removed so all people can see are your strengths.

For some people, this has been a wake-up call to shift their skills. You were going to use them in one direction but now you see other avenues where they can be utilized; and also with stand the physical presence you thought was needed. You can now see other places to fit your skills.

For some people, your brick and mortar business is demanding your attention to flex. Brick and mortar needs to up your on-line presence. THIS IS THE TIME! so many people are on-line right now. When the CaronaNona is over they will be itching to get out. Be the name they remember! Your business is shut down, but you can post pictures. Post yourself in the restaurant and talk about what you offer. Have some of your staff send you videos about working there to post. Make yourself SHINE on-line.

For some people, you've been doing contract work and now find yourself without a job. Still keep reaching out. Show that YOUR skills are still vibrantly needed in this ever-changing "normal". Those smaller contracts that meant nothing, well 100 pennies still makes a dollar. Keep selling yourself. Maybe you have something to teach. Create your on-line presence and use your skills in ways to help others.

History has shown, it's during the tough times that Success is born. New enterprise, new ways of thinking, new flows of movement; don't let this time pass by shivering scared in a corner.

NOTE: I'm in a training with W Will Medina. He's amazing! I signed up prior to the CaronaNona happening. One thing he says over and over is "Do IT SCARED!" and he's so right. With fear about tomorrow and what the next 30 days will look like, Do it (whatever the "it" is for you) SCARED. It may turn out to be the best move you ever made.

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