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You Want a Job!

You're looking for a job. Either you're unemployed or looking for a promotion or are looking to go to another company. Regardless of your reason, the end result is You want a job.

The competition is fierce. You have experienced hires, new graduates, and COVID has removed the requirement to live where the company resides. What a difference a year makes. However, the basics of finding a job are the same. Winning resume and a connected network.

What is a winning resume? One that gets you the job.... DUH. It's clear and not filled with words. Put your toolbox front and center. Your certifications, specific application skillset, skills specific to your industry, and education should be the first thing anyone sees on your resume. Your diamonds should shine bright. Next should be your specialized experience then your work experience; where you worked, how long, what was your title, what did you do there.

Yes, you can go to all the usual job posting sites and submit your resume; even though it's like an ocean of resumes I don't discount it since you want a job. Ensure your LinkedIn profile is searchable to human resource and head hunters. Next, remember all of those people you connected with pre-COVID, get in touch with all of them. Send an email, DM on Instagram or Facebook, and connect with them on LinkedIn. There are a lot of positions that have the interview list already started before its posted. YOU want to be on that list. Don't connect asking for a job, make a true connection. Ask how they have been, maybe talk about something you remember the person was interested in or you spoke about the last time you talked. Would you co-sign on a car for someone you barely know? Of course not. Well, you're asking someone to use their insider connection and name to "hand carry" your resume to the hiring manager. Someone would only do this for a person who they know, trust and believe in.

These are the basics of what it takes to be seen in this sea of job hunters. If you need even more specifics to get your resume in gear, comment and leave your email address to be contacted (just once) with my Resume Revamp eBook.

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