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Career Success Lifestyle Pillars

"Nichelle is an absolute gem! Her wealth of knowledge, attention to detail and professionalism is top level. Down to earth, easy to talk to, an excellent listener and visionary leader.

If you’re figuring out your next career move, want to update your resume, get that promotion…contact Nichelle.

Her resume workshop and coaching have been life changing and help catapult me into the C-Suite.  If you’re looking for real change in your personal and professional life, contact Nichelle today!"


Marsha ~ Colorado


  • Looking honestly at all your skills & changing how they are showcased

  • Mapping out your network creating intentional areas to focus on & how

  • Creating an interview posture to become the ideal choice

  • Room presentation F2F and Virtual


  • More than a mindset, create actions in-line with your goals​

  • Change how you work to reach your goals (it's not about working more)

  • Understand when doors close you're still winning

  • Create everyday routines for your life

  • Removing the guilt (everyone won't like you and where you're going)

 "I tried to update it myself, I followed the format that was already in place but it was still lacking. Nichelle took a copy of my resume, asked a few questions and worked her magic, my resume was returned to me with an eye catching format and wording that truly showcased my experience, abilities and strengths. As I searched for new employment I had confidence in what my resume was communicating on my behalf. In a couple of interviews, I received compliments on my resume. I am truly grateful for Nichelle's assistance." 


Meghan ~ Colorado


  • Look at what is working and how to maintain it

  • Continue to build on yourself

  • Relaxing at your level and above

  • Redefine work

  • Structure your life

  • New challenges

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