One of the questions I'm asking a lot is "I don't have time or resources to find a mentor, what book or podcast do you suggest?" My answer, well 1. I always suggest a book and 2. it depends on where you are starting from. 


It's not your goal that necessarily defines what you need (finance, technology, real estate, investing, creative, entrepreneur), as much as where you are starting from. 

Some people need it all, some just need motivation, and others aren't sure where they even want to go. This is why personal coaching is such big business, but in during this time of COVID not too many people want to invest that kind of money. I understand that. Although, to say you don't have time to commit to reaching your goal makes no sense. 


In order for others to get on board to support you, 1st you have to commit to reaching the goal you say you want to reach.


I have created a short list of books which, depending on where you are, will help you on your journey to reach your goal. Not in a touchy, feely, manifestation way, but in true real motivating words to get you there.  The List

I do enjoy listening to Podcasts. They are inspiring. However, there is nothing like having the actual words at my disposal which is what a book, traditional or eBook, does for me. A goal doesn't happen overnight, so you will need to reference back from time to time.

You're not alone. I wouldn't just hand you a book and walk away, join our Career Success Facebook group to get your questions answered and to join the discussion. The Group

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