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Below are Items I have found Work in everyday life to make it easier.

A Hand to Raise You Up

As women become self-aware, a realization that what it is they are reaching for externally can only be reached from the inside; hence Joy Rising.  It works with you on a level that builds up the places that need your attention to then achieve whatever it is you envision for your life.

Local Library

"Knowledge is Power." That said, everything can't be found on the internet. You can't buy every book and periodical out there either. Your local library has your back, books, magazines, videos and eBooks all at your finger tips. For FREE.

Fabulous on a Budget

Bloggers have little money for a Chic Fab wardrobe, but invitations to swanky soirees is a life blood. Kouture Consignment saves the day everytime. There is no high-end designer you can't name that they don't have, at a reasonable price. A must stop for your next event!



They Work for Me, I hope they work for you. ........... NichelleRae.
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