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Action Workshop Terms & Conditions

Any partnership should begin with a clear understanding of what is expected.

This Action Workshop is no different. 

The terms and conditions below apply to all coaching provided by NichelleRae, LCC (“the Coach”) to any individual or organization ("the Client") and constitute the contract for the service to be provided by the Coach for the Client. The term 'coaching' covers career coaching, leadership training and coaching, life coaching, personal coaching, and youth coaching for Clients and where applicable includes mentoring or supervision services provided by the Coach or others. In return for the fees payable by the Client (or by a third party on their behalf), the Coach agrees to provide the service as described below and in accordance with the terms and conditions set out below. The Client agrees to pay fees for the service on the terms and conditions set out below (in situations where a third party pays the fees, the third party counts as an agent acting on behalf of the Client). The date that the first paid coaching session takes place shall be deemed the start date for the service. Participation by any individual in the first paid coaching session constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Format of Sessions:

Zoom coaching sessions or other format as agreed. Unless otherwise agreed, the Client is responsible for connecting at the agreed date and time. The Coach is responsible for ensuring that she is available for consultation at the agreed date and time.

Number of Sessions to be Provided:

Eight (8) sessions over 4 months. Following the eight (8) sessions, coaching will continue on a as requested, cost/fee to be determined and agreed upon.


The Coach will seek to enable the Client to improve his/her career, lifestyle, and to achieve the desired outcome(s)/goal(s). Remarkable results can be achieved where Clients follow a clear plan in a committed way. However, the Client has sole responsibility for taking important decisions in their life or business. The Coach has no liability for any loss incurred by any Client, whether financial or otherwise, following commencement of coaching sessions, or for any perceived failure by the Client, whether justified or otherwise, to achieve a material improvement in quality of career and/or lifestyle or to achieve their desired outcomes or goals.

Dates & Times of Sessions: 

The date and time of the first session and any subsequent session will be agreed between the Coach and the Client by email and confirmed by the Coach by email. Sessions can only be rescheduled in accordance with the section in these terms and conditions headed “Rescheduling Sessions.

Payment Terms:

Fees will be paid online by debit or credit card or by bank transfer using the link provided when scheduling. Where receipts are requested by the Client, they will be sent by e-mail unless otherwise requested.  Where payment has not been received by the Coach in advance of the start of the Action Workshop, the Coach is not obliged to provide the session. NichelleRae, LLC has a no refund policy as a way of honoring the client’s commitment to personal development, informed decision-making, and accountability.


Personal information or business information supplied by Clients in coaching sessions will be treated as confidential. It will not be disclosed to a third party without the Client's prior permission, saved where required by law or where action might be necessary to prevent harm to the Client or someone else.


If a Client needs to reschedule a coaching session, they should provide at least 24 hours’ notice. No refunds will be given to Clients for unused coaching sessions. In exceptional circumstances the Coach may need to reschedule a coaching session. In those instances she will also give the Client 24 hours’ notice where practical.


Feedback about the service is welcomed and can be given during a coaching session or by writing to NichelleRae, LLC at 700 North Colorado Blvd, Suite 610, Denver, CO 80206. 

Governing Law:

This contract is governed by the law of Colorado whose courts have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any dispute, disagreement, proceedings or legal claim of any nature relating to the service provided or the contract.

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